An Audiobook Experience: This is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz

junot-diaz-lose-herI love psychical books despite acknowledging the dying Amazon rainforest, climate change, and the increasing need for sustainability. There’s something hypnotizing about the smell of books, their weight, and the texture of their covers. It’s like… Well, it’s like book-foreplay.

My days are often filled with empty pockets of times, such as my morning and afternoon commutes, my weekly trips to the grocery store, and my ritualistic lunchtime walk through Central Park. Then, although it would be a dream come true, I cannot read and take care of these tasks all at once. Therefore, I listen to audiobooks, which can also be a remarkable experience.

My latest favorite audiobook is Junot Díaz’ This is How You Lose Her, which I listened to during my daily commutes. If you enjoy Junot Díaz’ writing and novels, then this is the perfect audiobook for you. Junot Díaz reads This is How You Lose Her, whose “alter ego,” as he once put it, comes to life. I love it when authors read their work. I like to hear the author’s imagination of their characters’ voices and their tones. Junot Díaz, especially, is a fantastic reader.

In this book, Junot Díaz chronicles Yunior’s (protagonist) struggles with his relationships with women, which started with his relationship with his mother and his socialization as a young boy concerning women. There’s also something very realistic about Junot’s writing that I enjoy. It’s an enjoyable book and one that will leave you thinking about many social issues.

There’s also something unique about this book. Bachata music, a genre best known for embodying heartbreak, plays between each chapter, adding a tone of the novel that I didn’t experience while reading the book. The music took me by surprise and made me smile every time. The music is in Spanish, and I think Spanish speakers would enjoy this addition.

Overall, I had a favorable experience reading listening to this audiobook. I recommend Junot’s books, including this audiobook, to those familiar with the author, fans of literary fiction, and perhaps, readers of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Watch: Junot Díaz Reading from This is How You Lose Her.

Thanks for reading, Sophie



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